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      1. Welcome to Taizhou Zhonglian Electrical Co., Ltd

        Add:No.568JIingyi Road,Jiaojiang Economic Zone,Taizhou,China



        Company profile Home > About Us > Company Profile

        Taizhou Zhonglian Electrical Co., Ltd is an integrated enterprise in product R&D, manufacturing and sales. There are series of small appliance including breeze fan, student fan and box fan, and electrical products including plug, outlet, converter and coupler. With continuously efforts and steady development for more than ten years, Zhonglian electrical has been among the first-class operator for small appliance and electrical brand. Especially, the series of Zolee breeze fan and student fan have been acknowleged as the first brand in the domestic, and the series of Zolee outlet are also in the leading position.

        Zhonglian electrical has a 18,000 square modern professional production plant and self-supporting ability of plastic parts, motor and power cord. It creates high-quality and high standard products by the excellent materials, exquisite technique and elaborate design. All of the products had gained the national CCC certification, and the enterprise had been certified by ISO9001 quality system in 2001.

        Zhonglian electrical puts forward its slogan “Love in the tiny” by the eidos of innovation and quality, making products closer to consumers, better service to consumers, know better the needs of consumers. Regarding product R&D, the technology R&D center co-operates with the well-known national institute and professional design company to form a complete R&D system, from front research in industry , application of new material and technic and development of new products to research of manufacturing technique. During these ten years, Zhonglian electrical has achieved dozens of patented technology in invention, new practical models and appearance, among which the breeze fan and student fan have caused a tremendous reaction and vibration in the industry.

        Zhonglian electrical has excellent sales team, innovative marketing ideas and marketing network across the country, the constructed channel is being increasingly improved. It develops more than 200 first-degree agents, many retail terminals and after-sales service networks. At the same time it achieves a long-term relationship with the well-known national appliance chain enterprises and commercial supermarket systems, such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, RT, Auchan, Century Lianhua, Zhongbai, Su Guo, Yonghui, etc. The excellent channel and terminal network across the country provides a strong market base to the development of Zhonglian electrical.

        The strategic development goal of Zhonglian is to be based in domestic and supplemented by export. It will further take the domestic market as main battleground and high-speed growth, while in recent years, efforts to expand the overseas market has shown good development momentum. The products are mainly exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Middle East, India, Vietnam and other countries.

        In the future, Zhonglian electrical will rely on the innovative product design and advanced marketing concept to achieve a common increment with the upstream and downstream value chain, while the management team and employees can achieve self-worth and get expected reasonable return. Zhonglian electrical will depend on the brand, team and product three core capabilities to constantly promote the rapid growth of business and brand, to create fashionable and healthy products for global consumers, and jointly create a better life!

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